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Hello! My name is Beth Ann Graybeal. Piano has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was at the tender age of 8 when I started my own journey to play, love and share the piano. All throughout my childhood, I eagerly took weekly lessons, participated in music in my school and church, and even began teaching piano before I was out of highschool.

My college days were spent at Milligan University in the Appalachian mountains of Tennessee. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and an emphasis on Piano. I was then led to teach children piano lessons as well as Musikgarten classes in the basement of our home. 

As my family began to grow, my passion for teaching transferred to homeschooling my children. At that point, I took a break from private piano lessons to focus on educating our children. As of today, our children are college and high school age and have become quite independent. Their growing up has given me the opportunity to return to teaching piano lessons once again. 

Children and teaching have always had a part of my life. And I believe it will always be that way. I sincerely hope to teach your child and instill in them the ability to play the piano, a deep love for the piano, and opportunities to share the piano!

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